Apr 1, 2012


1.- Visit to Combarro, a fishing village with Galician granaries.

2.- Nice places to eat.

3.- Italian food near the sea.
4.- Our friend, the seagull!

5.- Time to explore the town.

6.- Fruit Liqueurs homemade.

7.- Galician typical tavern.

8.- Galician souvenirs!

9.- Postcards to remember!
10.- Meigas, Galician witches!!! Ohh!!!

11.- The seagull sighting the horizon!!!
12.- Boat!

13.- Boats, boats, boats!

14.- Narrow street!!!

15.- Herbal Liqueurs homemade!
16.- Inside the village!

17.- Camelia, typical flower!!!

18.- Time to eat a yummy ice cream!!!

19.- Thinking about the beach!!!

20.- Visit to Silgar Beach in Sanxenxo.
21.- And then, visit to Paxariñas beach in Portonovo.

22.- Pretty wild flowers!!!

23.- Sailboat at the sea!!!
24.- Turquoise waters, breathtaking scenery and a wonderful day!!!
25.- Time to go home!!! nice day today but tomorrow is another day!!! See you soon!!!

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